Esoc Radio and Cybernetics Clubs

Member of Radio Club 10 years

Radio Club Chairman 2022 -

ESOC Radio Club DL0ESA feature on QRZ website ,

Satnogs Tracking Antenna Project

Temporary car park roof location - properly coned!

Joint project of the Radio Club and Cybernetics Club. Installed at Esoc by Mark and Greg.

Many previous contributors: Tom, Dominik, Artur, Bernard, Ivan.

Satnogs uses 3D printed mechanical parts, NooElec SDR, GNU Radio, GPredict, Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3b+, Stepper Motors for Elevation and Azimuth,

6kg low cost design.

Satnogs (Esoc Radio and Cybernetics Club) and Eumetcast Weather Satellite Build Notes and Guidelines. Mark Drapes 20220729

In container on balcony stand. Mains powered version.

Eumetcast Eutelsat 10E dish + Satnogs tracking antenna.

Aluminium replaced with plastic

VNC to Raspberry Pi. GQRX SDR screen.19V DC wiring to car park roof
Balcony early tracking version

Controller board. 19-5V psu car-adapter. Frame and mechanics. Opssat model.


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